Back in 2018, when John Carlo Amog and Jason Milyo decided to put a server for those Filipino who couldn’t afford to pay their server a month but want to have their own server.
These 2 guys saw that Filipino needs a server that they can say that they own it and not using another server that no assurance if when will be activated or not.
Because before, Filipino are just using servers from other hosts. So, Jason and Carlo come up on an idea to put their own server that they can go whenever they like, and use, whenever they wanted to.
This idea was successful because of a help of another people as well.
By that, people can have free team talk servers without expenses.
We never charge them any cost. Because all we want is to give them the best service that they never had before.
Our happiness is to see our fellow Filipinos enjoying the company of their own home and family.
And afterwards, our journey of helping didn’t stop just for giving them a server, because we also help them to have spiritual assistance. So, we put a bible study every Saturday.
We certainly not promoting any religion or any practices on any specific things on that bible study.
But only 1 thing we are promoting to them, the Savior Jesus Christ!
We believe that because of this bible study, we help them to save their soles, and guide them to have a good and strong relationship with God.
On the other hand, for them to be able to get easily In Touch to us, not only the people that are on the server, but also the people at are not from the server, we put something that they can visit 24/7.
And what is that?
Shine radio is giving people excellent Christian music 24/7!
Not only that, because we are also giving daily devotion for those people who are not be able to go in our server and join us in are morning devotion.
We are also giving them an alternative solution for those who cannot attend their church every Sunday.
Every Sunday at exactly 9:30am Filipino standard time, we are streaming a preaching of different pastors.
It is important for us to hear the word of the lord always because that is our spiritual food.
So, weather if we are in church or not, we should listen to the word of the lord.
That’s why shine radio is here for you!