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TeamTalk Server Hosting

-Something free, but enjoyable

Are you in need of a place for exclusive meetings and bondings with colleagues, friends, and co-business owners? If yes, our free TeamTalk server hosting is for you.

why team talk?

TeamTalk is a good place to organize important matters whether it is for business or leisure purposes. It is equipped with high-quality audio and configurable features, especially for users with slow internet service and limited mobile data connection.

What can you get from our free TeamTalk Hosting Service?

Our TeamTalk Server Hosting offers the following:

  • 500mb file space for file sharing with friends, colleagues, workmates, or co-owners of a business
  • Full admin rights to give you full control of your TeamTalk server
  • NVDA remote, suitable for visually impaired using NVDA
  • Fast and secured hosting

Why Choose our TeamTalk Hosting?

Your TeamTalk server comes with an admin account, plus full rights of access. The 500mb file space is also large enough to share documents and important files with your friends or coworkers/co-owners.

If you are visually impaired, you can also use our NVDA remote hosting, which is more secured than public NVDA remote servers.

Not using NVDA? Don’t worry. Your TeamTalk server also comes with high-end security with lesser crashes. And if you or one of your users is struggling with internet, you can manipulate your Channel settings, making it easier to reconnect.

Does this sound interesting?