Our Public TeamTalk Server

Want to join and be part of our growing family?

Sure! You are welcome here.

Just make sure that you have reed and understand our rules before you proceed.

our rules

These rules are made to protect the server and to make sure that everything will be followed.

Rules are as follows.

  1. Racism.
  2. We are not allowing any types of racism on this server.

    Talking about someone’s color, or culture and laughing on it is not allowed.

    We already know how bad racism is. many people are getting depressed because of that, and many of them are ending their life’s because they can’t afford to take that anymore and we don’t want that to happen in here.

  3. Respect.
  4. It is more important that we have respect to each and everyone to have a good relationship with one another,

    And part of that respect that I’m talking here is,

    • Respect everyone’s opinion.
    • Respect their culture, beliefs, and most of all, respect their religion.
  5. Insults.
  6. We are not allowing any types of insults, on this domain.

    Cursing someone, telling someone bad things like sex, or anything that are promoting violent’s is not aloud.

  7. Spamming.
  8. Many people specially in public servers are doing this and it is new to us, so please don’t spam at all.

    So, we are telling you that spamming is not allowed on this domain, If the admins catch you doing it, you will get instant band.

  9. So please everyone, get along and lets have fun on the server. And note. rules are still updating.

Ready to join now?

Before you continue, let me just remind you that you have to have team talk client install in your machine, and make sure you have headset or earphone as well.

No team talk client yet?

Not a problem! Here we provide you the page where you can download the installer and install it in your windows machine.

You may also install it using your smart devices like IOS or android. just search for team talk5 on playStore or appStore.

download team talk installer on this page!

now that your ready,