Paid Hosting Services

Don’t Get Fooled with the Prices

You may think our prices are too high or too low. But, if there is one thing we can assure you of, that is its superb quality. If our free services come with great value, how much more with our paid services?

Server Hosting

-an affordable package that can serve almost all your needs

For as low as PhP5,000 annually, you can have your own website with your own domain (name) and professional Top Level domain (DLD). You have a freedom to choose among the four best TLDs in the world: .com, .org, .net, or .space.

Can’t afford a full payment of Php5,000?

Avail of our monthly plan, which only costs Php500 per month.

Both our annual and monthly server hosting plan come with 30 GB server space, making you capable of handling 80-100 Team Talk servers simultaneously, with NVDA remote installed. Plus, you will have a full access with your own root or admin controls.

Server Hosting Additional Freebies

To add more value to our server hosting service, here are the exciting freebies, which we are passionate about:

  • Free Full server setup with own script
  • Free Technical support
  • Free Tutorial for clients with limited capabilities to fully handle the server
Server Hosting Feature Summary
  • Hosting: Web and TeamTalk server hosting
  • Own web address/domain (freedom to choose from .com, .org, .net, and .space)
  • NVDA remote
  • Server space: 30 GB
  • Freebies: Full server setup, technical support, and tutorial on how to operate the server for newbies
  • Price: Php5,000 (yearly) or Php500 (monthly)

TeamTalk With Subdomain Plan

-An offer that is budget-friendly

For as low as PhP30 a month or PhP300 per year, you can have a more customized TeamTalk Server. How can this be possible? With this package, you can put your name as a subdomain under our domain,

What’s more?

If our free plan give you 500mb file space for file sharing, this package will give you 1gb instead. Of course, NVDA remote and full admin rights are still included. If you have a tight budget, this package is perfect for you.

TeamTalk With Subdomain Plan Feature Summary

  • TeamTalk Server
  • NVDA remote
  • 1gb space for file sharing
  • Use own subdomain under
  • Price: PhP300 (annually) or PhP30 (monthly)

Special Offer

-A limited offer

This is a complete package which is perfect for those who need everything we offer. For only PhP5,000 annually or PhP430 monthly, you will get the following:

  • TeamTalk hosting
  • Website hosting
  • Radio Hosting
  • NVDA Remote
Additional Features

These are additional features of our complete hosting package:

  • Fast and secured hosting
  • Admin control/rights
  • Free full server setup with own script
  • Free technical support
  • Free tutorial for clients with limited capabilities to fully handle the server

This offer is limited. Grab it now, before it goes.