Radio Hosting Services

A radio hosting that is affordable and reliable

We can see the beauty of having an online radio. In this light, we are happy to bring you our radio hosting service which enable you to reach listeners in all parts of the world. Cool, right? So, its time to put your offline radio into more advanced tool.

And If you don’t have a radio yet, this is the best time to start it. We have different radio hosting plans, and all you have to do is choosing to choose what is best for you!

Standard Radio Hosting Plans

You can avail of our standard radio hosting plan for only PhP2,000 annually, or PhP150 monthly. Your radio will have its own domain name, with the .space as its Top Level Domain (TLD).

Our radio hosting assures you that your radio will be running 24/7. No more listening interruptions. And, Unlike other radio hosting service, we allow you to have unlimited listeners. No additional charges needed.

You will also get 20gb storage space to upload all your songs and commercials. There’s more! We give you our primest offer, the autoDJ. With an autoDJ, you can set a specific sequence of songs, comercials, and jingles the way you want them to play. Say goodbye to dead air. It will rescue you in times of sudden connection loss during the broadcast.

Premium Radio Hosting Plans

Do you want your radio running 24/7, reach unlimited listeners, a radio with autoDJ, and 20gb plus 10gb storage space to upload your songs and commercials? Our premium radio hosting plan is a great choice. It also allows you to use your own domain with the “.space” as the TLD.

Aside from all the features that the standard plan offers, it gives you an additional 10gb storage face?, providing you a total of 30gb. You can get all of these for only PhP3,000 annually, or Php250 monthly.

Radio Hosting Plans Summary

  • An online radio running 24/7
  • With own domain name
  • With AutoDJ
  • Unlimited listeners
  • Storage Space: 20gb (Standard) or 30gb (Premium) for songs and commercials
  • Price: PhP2,000 annually or PhP150 monthly (Standard), or PhP3,000 annually or PhP250 monthly (Premium)

Radio Extras

Is 20gb or 30GB not enough to upload all your songs and commercials? If so, you can ask us for additional storage space. For only Php100, we will give you an additional 5gb of storage. Just add PhP100 for every 5gb you want to have.

What are you waiting for? End your struggle now, before you run out of storage.